II. FIP Arena Polo European Championship
Baku Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan has started Polo in 2013 with a great International Arena Polo tournament that was
organised every year since (besides due to Covid 2021). In 2015 the first ever FIP European Arena
European Championship was held in Baku with 6 National Teams with great success, Azerbaijan
beating Germany in the Finals.
ARAF has applied to FIP to organize the 2nd FIP European Championship together with World
Polo (our partner since 2012) in September 2022. The response from FIP was very positive!
The infrastructure for Polo in Azerbaijan is very impressive: one Arena Polo Grass field stadium
with 4000 seats, one Arena sand Polo Field stadium with 1500 seats, one indoor sand Arena Polo
field with 1000 seats and one Arena sand training field.
Brand new are our full size grass Polo fields who will be ready end of 2022. In addition we have
300 Stables, Horse Clinic, training facilities, Clubhouse and Event hall at the Elite Horse and Polo
Club in Baku.
The driving force behind this great Polo development is General Elcin Guliyev, the President of
ARAF the Azerbaijan equestrian and Polo Federation. Polo is supported very strongly by the
President of Azerbaijan and the local business community.
In the following pages the concept of the tournament.

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