FIP European Polo Championship

The European Championship 6/8 goal is for all FIP member countries from Europe. This helps sport to growth and increase the number of players.

  1. 1993 St. Moritz, Switzerland
    Winner: England Runner up: Italy
    Other teams: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France
  2. 1995 Antwerp, Belgium
    Winner: England Runner up: Germany
    Other teams: Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Finland, France, Holland, Belgium
  3. 1997 Milan, Italy
    Winner: England Runner up: Italy
    Other teams: Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, France
  4. 1999 Chantilly, France
    Winner: England Runner up: Ireland
    Other teams: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands
  5. 2002 Rome, Italy
    Winner: France Runner up: Netherlands
    Other teams: Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  6. 2005 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Winner: Italy Runner up: England
    Other teams: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, France
  7. 2008 Hamburg, Germany
    Winner: England Runner up: Belgium
    Other teams: France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
  8. 2010 Vienna, Austria
    Winner: France Runner up: Spain
    Other teams: Austria, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland
  9. 2012 Sotogrande, Spain
    Winner: Spain Runner up: Austria
    Other teams: Italy, Germany, Ireland
  10. 2014 Chantilly, France
    Winner: England Runner up: Ireland
    Other teams: France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain
  11. 2016 Berlin, Germany
    Winner: Ireland Runner up: France
    Other teams: Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
  12. 2018 Villa A Sesta, Italy
    Winner: Italy Runner up: Azerbaijan
    Other teams: Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland
  13. 2021 XIII European Championship
    Sotogrande Spain.
    Winner: Italy
    Runner up: Austria
    Teams: Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Germany