FIP Tournaments

The following is a list of historic FIP Tournaments that have been organized to
develop the sport of polo internationally in different regions and levels.

FIP World Polo Championship

Since 1987 the FIP World Championship takes place once every 3 years in a different location around the world. It’s a competitive tournament from 10 to 14 goals. Horses are provided by the host and pooled among participating nations to give teams equal conditions.

1987 (Argentina) – Argentina
1989 (Germany) – USA
1992 (Chile) – Argentina
1995 (Switzerland) – Brazil
1998 (USA) – Argentina
2001 (Australia) – Brazil
2004 (France) – Brazil
2008 (Mexico) – Chile
2011 (Argentina) – Argentina
2015 (Chile) – Chile
2017 (Australia) – Argentina
2022-XII FIP WORLD Championship
Wellington Florida.
Winner: Spain
Runner USA
Teams: Spain, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay, Usa, Pakistan, Australia, Argentina

FIP European Polo Championship

The European Championship 6/8 goal is for all FIP member countries from Europe. This helps sport to growth and increase the number of players.

  • 1993 St. Moritz, Switzerland
    Winner: England Runner up: Italy
    Other teams: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France
  • 1995 Antwerp, Belgium
    Winner: England Runner up: Germany
    Other teams: Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Finland, France, Holland, Belgium
  • 1997 Milan, Italy
    Winner: England Runner up: Italy
    Other teams: Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, France
  • 1999 Chantilly, France
    Winner: England Runner up: Ireland
    Other teams: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands
  • 2002 Rome, Italy
    Winner: France Runner up: Netherlands
    Other teams: Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  • 2005 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Winner: Italy Runner up: England
    Other teams: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, France
  • 2008 Hamburg, Germany
    Winner: England Runner up: Belgium
    Other teams: France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
  • 2010 Vienna, Austria
    Winner: France Runner up: Spain
    Other teams: Austria, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland
  • 2012 Sotogrande, Spain
    Winner: Spain Runner up: Austria
    Other teams: Italy, Germany, Ireland
  • 2014 Chantilly, France
    Winner: England Runner up: Ireland
    Other teams: France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain
  • 2016 Berlin, Germany
    Winner: Ireland Runner up: France
    Other teams: Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia
  • 2018 Villa A Sesta, Italy
    Winner: Italy Runner up: Azerbaijan
    Other teams: Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland
  • 2021 XIII European Championship
    Sotogrande Spain.
    Winner: Italy
    Runner up: Austria
    Teams: Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and Germany
  • 2023-XIV European Championship
    Polo Club Dusseldorf
    Winner: Spain
    Runner up: Azerbaijan
    Teams: Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Austria, Azerbaijan, Netherlands

FIP Ladies European Polo Championship

The Ladies European Championship was first played in 2017 with teams of 10/12 women’s handicap

  • 2017 Chantilly, France – (4 teams)
    Winner: Italy Runner up: France
    Other teams: Germany (3rd) and England(4th)
  • 2018 Villa A Sesta, Italy – (4 Teams)
    Winner: Germany Runner up: Italy
    Other teams: Netherlands (3rd) and France (4th)
  • III Fip Ladies European Polo Championship 2021
    La Mimosa Polo Club , Italy
    4 Teams: Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland
    Winner : Italy
    Runner up: England
    Ireland 3rd Germany 4th
    Punta Ala Polo Club
    Winner: Germany
    Runner Up: Italy
    Teams; France, England, Germany, Italy